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 Doorways to Demonic activity in your life

You will learn that there are many doorways of demonic activity. The devil uses every opportunity to enter your life in order to destroy it. Even if he does not accomplish that, at least his demons can be a ‘nuisance’ in your life. They can oppose every step you take, especially if this step is commanded by God. You must understand that once you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you enter into a battlefield that will last your whole life. I am sorry to have to say it this bluntly, but there simply is no easy way to tell this. It is a fact that once you are converted to Christ, your battle against the forces of darkness begins. We must, however, realize that not everybody will have the same measure of demonic attack in their lives. Why some people have stronger attacks and more frequent than others, is not always explainable. People coming out of the occult for example, are more prone to demonic attack after their conversion and subsequent delivery. But this is usually in their case, fairly normal, if we can categorize this as such. But, there are examples of people converted to Christ, who did not dabble into the occult who are being attacked quite ferociously. Sometimes we can trace this back to the ancestor line. Usually there was involvement in the occult or in freemasonry, but sometimes we cannot trace any occult activities and we are left ignorant of these entry points. But this is usually not the norm. God, through the Holy Spirit will more often reveal the source of demonic entrance than not.


Now, let’s see what are the most common doorways to demonic activity:


  • Involvement in the occult fortune telling (Num 22:7; 23:23 ; Deut. 18:1014; Micah 5:12 ), witchcraft (1 Sam 15:23 ; Deut 18:9-10; Exodus 22:18 ); Sorcery (Ex 7:11 -22; Lev 19:26 ; Deut 18:10 ; Isaiah 47:9 etc). and other forms of the occult such as the use of pendulums, objects, séances, crystal gazing, horoscopes, ouija board, parakinesis, Wicca, Satanism, mind control, Swedenborg, Levitation, Hypnotism,etc
  • Taking forms of healing that are not Christian such as psychic healers, acupuncture, Bach Therapy, homoeopathy (many products are being prayed and enchanted on before reaching the stores), Hypnotic counseling, etc
  • Participation of involvement in other religions such as Bahaism, Islam, Mormonism, New Age movement, Kababalah, etc
  • Involvement in Freemasonry
  • Heavy metal music, Rap music (listen to their lyrics), but also Modern Pop Music. Here I want to a word of caution: Listen to the lyrics, often these lyrics enhance Satan and diminish or even ridicule Christian values. Look also at pop stars and their lives. They are usually involved in the occult and therefore not sound for our children to listen to.
  • Addictions such as alcoholism, drugs, cigarettes, even addiction to chocolate for example, is an addiction and can be a doorway for demons of addiction into one’s life.
  • Active sin, unconfessed sin such as lying, stealing
  • Breaking the Ten Commandments
  • Implants (this is a future development that is becoming a reality very soon)
  • Involvement in any cult such as the Jehova's Witness, Scientology, Christian Science,etc
  • Computer games and other games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Halloween,


Another source of demonic doorway for example can be places. Some places have a high demonic activity due to their past. In the America ’s for example, we see a high demonic activity around and on Indian sacred ground. People living upon these territories experience all kinds of diseases, accidents, and even demonic manifestations. In Germany for example, many places are highly demonic, due to the Nazi’s. These were highly involved in the occult. That is why in many places we see evils spirits of hatred, discord and disharmony working on people. Tolerance in this country is low and that is due to the demonic activity that has been loosed by the Nazi’s. Their program and outlook was highly intolerant toward others!


From history we know, that Europe for example, has been occupied by foreign forces such as the Romans, the Vikings etc. These were paganistic religions, and especially the Romans were highly involved in blood sacrifices. Places were old Roman temples were built, are still prone to high demonic activity. We often see that places where these civilizations settled are prone to poverty, loss of job, divorce, untimely deaths, high involvement in the occult, idolatry etc. In England for example, the high range of alcoholism can be traced back to the demonic entrance of the country’s first invaders. They were known to have drinking binges, and like it or not, these open the doors to demon activity.

Hunted houses or hunted castles, as we all have heard of and seen in the media, are the product of either high criminal activity or involvement in some form in the occult. Usually the demonic activity starts after the death of at least one of the inhabitants. In this way demons can deceive people into thinking that the spirit of the diseases is still ‘hunting’ the house. This is a lie, it is a demonic manifestation. Demons can change and look like the diseased person. The same goes here for the so called ‘apparititions’ of a diseased person to its family.


Let’s take a look at demonic manifestation. A demon of bondage (Ex. 6:5, Ro 8:15 etc) can enter into someone’s life through unrepented sin or through extreme behavior such as extreme religion. But this evil spirit can also come through generational sin, and can thus be inherited. A spirit of bondage can also enter through occupation. With this I mean, through forceful occupation such as kidnapping, highjacking etc. This spirit of bondage never comes alone. Demons never come alone, they always work together. An evil spirit of bondage can work together with an evil spirit of religion, fear, hatred, etc. One demon helps the other destroy a person. A person that has been in bondage to his/her parents through their extreme religiosity can have a spirit of bondage for example, together with an evil spirit of hatred. A good example of this are the fundamentalists.


An evil spirit of divination can come through involvement in the occult. This demon is usually a very strong one, and will be for certain accompanied by an evil spirit of confusion. Why confusion? Confusion about the reality of Jesus. They will entice their victim into thinking that Satan will be victorious and thus negate the truth about Jesus. The heavier the involvement in the occult the stronger the demonic manifestation will be. Some people have even become ‘exorcized’ or ‘demon possessed’. This is usually a heavy form of demon possession in which manifestations such as poltergeist etc can happen. Usually the environment of these people will experience strange phenomena, such as doors that slam shut or open wide spontaneously, or constant knocking up to the moving of objects without them even touching them.


Furthermore, an evil spirit of fear might gain entrance into someone’s life through profound anxiety, a shocking event, etc. But possible entry points can be rejection, use of drugs, an accident etc. This is a very strong demon, who usually works together with other demons. In the case of rejection, with demons of rejection, in regard to addiction to demons of bondage and addiction etc. Other demonic sources can be depression, pride, rebellion, criminal activity etc.

Please be aware that the reasons for demonic activity that have been listed above, whether it be in a country or in a person, can differ from place to place and from person to person. It must be looked at individually. We must be careful to generalize, even though in some parts of the world the demon activity is explainable.